Secure Sharps

Disposal Container

A safe way to effectively dispose and transport sharps waste within healthcare facilities.

About Us

At Ace Sharps, we understand that healthcare providers are always looking for new solutions to improve health and safety of staff and patients. Our containers meet the strict standards of Workplace Health and Safety and requirements of Infection Control.

Designed for single use with the added advantage of antimicrobial protection technology, Protect+ containers also reduce the chance of cross contamination thus protecting people. The design of these containers and materials used ensure that these containers are safe, sustainable and suitable for all healthcare applications.

Locally made in Brisbane, Protect+ containers are manufactured combining both reprocessed and recyclable materials to
provide a more sustainable and environmental disposal solution thus protecting the environment.

Our 12L and 20L containers are Australian Standard AS4031 certified and ISO 23907 certified.

Front of Base/Closed Lid
Back Of Base/Open Lid (Reversed)

Features & Benefits

  1. Easy to close lid: press lid to close and slide lock to secure container.
  2. Larger apeture for ease of sharps placement.
  3. Raised lip at the front of tray to prevent rebound or roll out of sharps; tray will remain vertical once full.
  4. Ace Sharps patented innovative design of sloped tray ensures all sharps safely make their way inside the container thus making it safer for the user; automatic tray is designed to tilt automatically once the sharps reach the back of the container.
  5. Guards designed to ensure hands are safe once the tray has been tilted.
  6. Containers are compatible with various existing facilities’ mounting arrangements; containers will accommodate table tops, walls or trolleys.
  7. The lid can be placed front facing or back facing for various facility requirements.
  8. Lid handle allows for ease of transportation.
  9. Two side handles for easy placement/installation.
  10. Clear window provides fill-level indication.
  11. Tongue & groove lid mechanism: once clipped in together the mechanism reduces the chance of leakage.


  • Reprocessed and recyclable materials

Lids & Bases

  • Convenient stackable design
  • Separate lids & bases for ease of storage
  • One lid fits all base sizes

Asked Questions

Can I see some samples?

Yes, please contact us and a representative will be in touch to organise a suitable time to showcase our product range.

Can I place my sharps container in a bin?

Yes, when partnered with a suitable waste management organisation, you can place any of Ace Sharps’ containers in a clinical waste receptacle. However, please contact your waste provider to check.

Is there a minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order. We can facilitate any order requirements.

Do you deliver Australia wide?

Please contact us for further information.

Can you organise collection and disposal?

Yes, please discuss your requirements with us, and we can help facilitate correct service requirements.

Are these containers limited to the healthcare industry?

No, Ace Sharps containers can be used in various places, including Tattoo Studio, Dental Practices, Agricultural businesses, Veterinary Surgeries and General Practices.

Protect+ protects people and the environment

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